Our system has 4 options as far as the hamburger menu is concerned - see the image below:

Options 1 only allows you to change the colors and add icons in front of the description, option 2 allows you to add a rectangular image at the top along with the ability to change the colors and add icons, option 3 allows you to a square image at the top and change the colors and add icons.  

Please note that options 1-3 are no longer being actively supported and may have some bugs or issues with respect to items being on the menu that you do not want, or the menu not being in the correct sequence etc.  Please do not send us support requests on menu issues where you are using options 1-3.

We recommend that you use Option 4 as this gives you the most flexibility in how the menu will look.  With option 4, you are able to design your menu the exact same way you design your home screen.  Upload the image into the system and then assign hotspots exactly the same way you do with your home screen.

See the image below as to where you are able to select the menu options:

Watch this video on how to complete the setup:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4pz1ZpfBJQ