Click the Add New button at the top right of your screen:

In the next screen you will see all the details that need to be completed to build the app.  Every field you enter here is editable and can be changed later, EXCEPT for the user name.  This is NOT editable.

Your new app will now be at the top of your App List, Click the Create App Link, this is where you will select the color scheme of your app and will be able to add, edit or disable any of the features that are in the app.  If you have selected a category your app will come with a set of pre-loaded features that would be relevant for that type of business.  

Your next step is to go back to your App List by clicking Manage Apps/Re-Sellers at the top left of your screen (1), and then clicking the navy login button at the far right of your screen (2):

After you login, click the settings link on the lower part of the left dashboard and click on Home Screen, you will be able to add your custom home screen image here