Our platform has several features and each feature is and independent stand alone module.  Below is a list of features and the corresponding payment gateways that work with them:

Appointment Booking:   PayPal | Authorize.net

Event Ticketing:  PayPal | Authorize.net

Food Ordering:  PayPal | Authorize.net | Pay Station

Gift Cards:  PayPal | Stripe

Hotel Booking:   PayPal | Authorize.net

Invoicing Module*:   PayPal | Stripe

Membership Booking:  PayPal | Stripe | Integra Pay

Restaurant Booking:  PayPal | Authorize.net

Shopping Cart:   PayPal | Authorize.net | Pay Station

SMS Gateway*:   PayPal | Stripe

Time Slot Booking:   PayPal | Authorize.net

Yellow Pages:  PayPal | Authorize.net

* Denotes a feature that is only available for a Re-Seller